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Biotin 900 µg (100 tablets) Biotin 900 µg (100 tablets)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 852674655198
You can find biotin in several raw food but it will decompose above 100 celsius. This means it still appears in boiled dishes but not in fried or roasted ones. Swiss chard, raw egg-yolk, liver and foliaceous vegetables have high biotin capacity. Also the amount of protein affect the imbibition of th..
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Ginkgo Biloba extract 60 mg (90 tablets) Ginkgo Biloba extract 60 mg (90 tablets)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561250335
Herb Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest plants in the world; this herb has been used successfully in Chinese medicine over 5,000 years, and is becoming more popular these days. This is due to its beneficial properties to health.Recommended dietary allowance: 1 tablet per dayServings per bottle: 90 ..
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Magnesium 200mg (250 Capsules) Swanson Magnesium 200mg (250 Capsules) Swanson
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Brand: Swanson Model: 087614011967
For a strong, healthy body, you need a good supply of magnesium every day.  Our convenient capsules supply 200 mg of magnesium to help you meet your daily needs.Recommended dietary allowance: 2 capsules a dayServings per bottle: 250 capsules..
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Potassium 99mg (100 capsules) Potassium 99mg (100 capsules)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561253671
The potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the body that is predominantly inside the cells and plays an important role in their normal functioning.Out of all the nutrients that you need, potassium is something needed in very large quantities. You need 4700 mg of potassium every single day...
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Stress B-Complex - Vitaking Stress B-Complex - Vitaking
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561250205
Each vitamin B has unique properties but they all have a common feature: they are all involved in energy production processes so it is advisable to consume them as they strengthen the effect of each other in the body's function. Stress B complex contains all vitamin Bs and 500 mg of vitamin C. ..
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VitaDrink with electrolytes - 88g (10 doses) VitaDrink with electrolytes - 88g (10 doses)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561254982
Refresher with Raspberry taste Dissolved minerals and vitamins are absorbed faster than in the form of a tablet or capsule.The VitaDrink with 1000mg vitamin C supports the immune system of the body with nutrients such as zinc or manganese. The product includes 7 types of vitamin B's a..
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Vitamin B-50 Complex (60 tablets) Vitamin B-50 Complex (60 tablets)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561253961
All of the B vitamins in one tablet.This Vitaking product is a quality source of the entire vitamin B spectrum. The vitamin B-complex refers to all of the known essential water-soluble vitamins except for vitamin C. These include thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B..
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Vitamin B12 - 500 mcg (100 capsules) Vitaking Vitamin B12 - 500 mcg (100 capsules) Vitaking
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561251783
Vitamin B12 is water-soluble vitamin and the body needs be supplied with it each day in a form of food or dietary supplement.Recommended dietary allowance: 1 capsuleServings per bottle: 100 capsules..
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Ginseng Extract 400mg (60 capsules)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 599956125637
Ginseng comes from the highlands of the North Korean Peninsula and Northeast China (Manchuria), but sometimes occurs wild. Ginseng is highly respected in some areas of East Asia and is a valuable gift. It contains natural substances that normalize the functioning of the body, strengthen physical and..
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