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Comfrey Balm 250 ml

Comfrey Balm 250 ml
Comfrey Balm 250 ml
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Comfrey Balm 250 ml
Comfrey Balm 250 ml
Comfrey Balm 250 ml
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Thanks to the active ingredient of Comfrey, it regenerates the tissues thus accelerating the healing processes. Suitable for external use on ulcers, bruises, varicose veins.

Area of application: bruises, ulcers.

Comfrey is often used to treat bruises and ulcers. Due to its active ingredients, it has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect so it accelerates the healing of injuries and bruises. It is used externally massaged over the areas of ulcers, bruises and varicose veins.

Usage: Massage the sore area three times a day with a pea.


Do not apply to open wounds! Pregnant women are not allowed to use it!


Avoid temperatures below 10 ° C! Do not store in the refrigerator, as the strength of the herbal active ingredient may decrease! If an oily substance is formed on top of the product, it is a natural process as it is full of essential oil. In this case, just stir up the product well.


So far, we have talked many times about the fact that our balms have a natural, herbal composition, are made up of high-quality ingredients, contain many herbs and have high active ingredient content.

Of course, a working recipe and a high quality product are essential but if we want results, there is something that can greatly affect the effectiveness of our balms and can make or break a treatment!

What is this particular thing?

The answer: it DOES matter HOW someone uses the balm!

It’s not just a cream, it’s not a body lotion we put on a bandage and it’s done. Lately, we have often voiced that this is a herbal cure, herbal therapy, an essential oil cure.

To get the best results with the herbs of COMFREY BALM, we take show you how to use it in a professional way:

  1. Always use it on cleansed skin. Hygiene above all. Best after bathing.
  2. Use at least 2 times a day! Best is in the morning and evening, although feedback suggests the best results are different, people used it more than 2 times a day to get the best results.
  3. Don't skimp on the balm! Obviously, the goal is not to use up the whole pack of balm in days, but it’s important to apply plenty of it to the problematic area for the best results!
  4. Massage it into your skin until your skin is dry! It is important that you not only apply but also massage it into your skin with firm, strong movements! If you don’t, not only will the effect be weaker but it will even mess up your your clothes...You know you're done when there's no trace of the balm!
  5. Don't be impatient! We are different people with different physical abilities and problems! That’s why some have visible results in days, and some need 2 weeks.
  6. It is very important that you do not apply the balm on open wound under any circumstances for several reasons! First, using your hand you may risk infection. Second, the balm may inhibit the natural regeneration of the tissues.

TIP: The effectiveness of the balm is most intense after a bath / shower as the pores of the skin are so dilated by the hot water that the active ingredients of the herb penetrate almost to the bone!

Nature has not become obsolete, let's take advantage of its effectiveness!

Usage / Warning: Apply twice a day, morning and evening to the cleansed, problematic body surface then massage until it is completely absorbed! For external use only! Do not let it get in your eyes! Do not store in the refrigerator as the strength of its active ingredient content may be reduced! Due to the essential oil content of the product it can cause redness, so it is recommended to perform a skin test before use.

Herbs used: Comfrey extract

Packaging: 250 ml

Expiration date: 2 years