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Acai Berry 20: 1 Extract 3000 mg (60 Softgels) Acai Berry 20: 1 Extract 3000 mg (60 Softgels)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561250366
One of the world's most perfect food - a real super food !Acai berry or Acai fruit grows on huge palm trees in the Amazonian rain forest and looks like a purple marble or grape. It has delicious tropical flavor. In northern Brazil, the people living in the Amazon region has been consumed it for ..
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Spirulina Blue-Green Algae (200 tablets) Spirulina Blue-Green Algae (200 tablets)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561252773
Natural Spirulina supplements 1 tablet of Vitaking spirulina is priced at less than 0,8Kr - containing 500mg of pure natural algae – and it has the same nutritional value as of 0.5 kg vegetable.This Vitaking product - produced as the purest organic spirulina tablet - contains nothing else but o..
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