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Spirulina Blue-Green Algae (200 tablets) (Vitaking) by

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Spirulina Blue-Green Algae (200 tablets) (Vitaking) by
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Natural Spirulina supplements

1 tablet of Vitaking spirulina is priced at less than 0,8Kr - containing 500mg of pure natural algae – and it has the same nutritional value as of 0.5 kg vegetable.This Vitaking product - produced as the purest organic spirulina tablet - contains nothing else but organic algae. Thanks to our special technology, we do not have to use any additional materials during our spirulina tablet production. The algae used as the basis of our production is classified by a German company named Ceres.Researches have shown: 1g of spirulina with regard to its nutritional is equivalent to 1kg of vegetables, thus recently spirulina achieved great international success.It is not far from the truth to say: spirulina is a super food, the nature's most valuable food.
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