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Multi Plus Pro, Daily Vitality Pack (30 Servings) (Vitaking) by

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Multi Plus Pro, Daily Vitality Pack (30 Servings) (Vitaking) by
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Daily supplement pack for for intensive work and regular exercise.The 30 packets of daily dietary supplements contain all essential vitamins, minerals and herbs in adequate amounts and composition for anybody with an active lifestyle.

Who is it for?

Recommended to teenagers and adults who are actively participate in sports or perform intense intellectual or physical work. It's for those who value fitness, great endurance and the prevention of diseases and would like to avoid tiredness and fatigue.

Each daily packet contains the following 8 ingredients:

1 x Vitamin B1 capsule

1 x B-50 complex vitamin tablet

1 x Vitamin C 1000 mg tablet with bioflavonoids, rose hips and acerola

1 x Multi Mega Mineral tablet

1 x Sea Kelp tablet

1 x Vitamax softgel capsule (Vitamin A, D, E and Selenium)

1 x Fish Oil capsule

1 x Soy Lecithin capsule

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