Get a good start right away

Do you want to get up every day to be able to start a great day? Are you the kind of person who, after waking up, cheerfully welcomes the first rays of the sun and stress-free morning features every weekday and everything just goes fine? You possably say: “Well, it depends…”

But what does the first hour of the morning depend on which can greatly determine the success of your entire day?

The morning awakening and the emotional level of the first hour can make its mark on the whole day. A stressful start can make it a little more stressful and thus reduce your performance. On the contrary, a nice stress-free morning can smooth out the problems that await you during the day. The only problem is that your morning is based on your last night.

You only need to take a few simple steps before goint to bed and you create an excellent morning for yourself.

We collected six of these steps:

1. You are going to sleep better without electronic devices!

Today, many people sleep in a place that glows like a Christmas tree. The alarm clock shows the time in bright red. The mobile phone is charging. The computer was downloading something from the Internet, so it is on. The DVD clock flickers to show 12:00 because we never set the exact time. Each source of energy near us takes its toll on our quality of sleeping, bombarding us with several different radiations.

Remove these from your bedroom! Sleep without them and you will wake up more relaxed the next morning.

2. Prepare your cloths in the evening

Most of us never jump into the right suit in the morning. A t-shirt, pants, shirt or blouse that hasn’t dried yet that needs to be ironed or isn’t where we put it according to our memories. If we prepared all these on the evening, we would have plenty of time to realize that something is missing. Interestingly, it doesn’t cause any stress on the evenings, just the very next morning…

Prepare your dress, cloths on the evenings. With this trick, you can save 2-5 minutes every morning.

3. Arrange everything you need to take with you

If you use a briefcase or handbag, put in your items you need the next day, and if you may need to give a presentation, it’s also worth reading through in the evening and putting it in your bag so you don not forget it the next morning. Has it ever happened to you?

4. Put your key in the door lock

People searche for their key for a minute a day spending almost a full working day a year. Great isn't it? Put the key near the door in the evening. You can avoid a lot of trouble the next day with this simple move.

5. Prepare your breakfast

Automate your breakfast as much as you can. Skipping a breakfast meal results in decreased energy levels and poorer mental performance during the day. However, getting breakfast on the go is usually of poor quality and results in unwanted outcomes in the long run. The extra calories will give excess weight and vitamin deficiency will result in chronic diseases.

6. If you have children, help them to get ready

In the area of stress-free mornings, let’s also help prepare the kids ’next day’s clothes and their meals. This can save you from the crazy phone calls the next day, “… Mom, or Dad! Have you seen my…. "

None of the above ideas take up too much time from a man’s evening but you can gain invaluable minutes or half hours with them the next morning. Together, they result in a smooth pleasant morning every day and help relieve stress in our day.