In the case of high blood pressure it is not enough to reduce blood pressure alone. Something has to be done with the blood vessels to be able to withstand more the load and you need some extra nutrients for the heart and even the condition of the blood can be improved. There are 4 excellent nutrients for the heart and cardiovascular system.

Improve the condition of your blood vessels

The active ingredients of garlic improve the quality of the blood. Its regular consumption alone reduces blood pressure by 10 points on patients with high blood pressure. But its most important feature is to improve the elasticity of the arterial wall which is then more resistant to the increased blood pressure. Imagine that a cracked, old scallopper can withstand the pressure of the water or a flexible one in good condition? Similar results have been showed for the L-carnitine active ingredient. This nutrient can reduce blood pressure and also affects the level of harmful fats so it does not allow them to accumulate in the arteries, blocking blood flow.

Improve the condition of your blood

Omega-3 fatty acids when consumed in abundant quantity improve the condition of the blood. We can call them "natural blood thinners". It is so effective that if you want to take it along with a blood thinning medical drug then you must talk to your doctor as it may be necessary to adjust the dose of the medicine. If you do not eat fish 3-4 times a week, Omega-3 capsule will give you some omega-3 supplement and it will have a beneficial effect on you.

Improve the condition of your heart

The fourth active ingredient is responsible for the cellular support of heart muscles. It is called Q10 coenzyme and at young age our body can produce it. At the age of 20-25, its production reaches the maximum then its production level decreases and at 50 it is only a fraction of what we need. But Q10 can make many physiological functions youthful. Because it works inside the cells, there is no body part that it can not improve. The muscles of the heart specifically require this nutrient and numerous researches have shown its beneficial effect.

Get these 4 nutrients all in one and consume them along with your daily multivitamin dose. Or get a multivitamin already containing them.

  1. garlic
  2. L-carnitine
  3. Omega-3
  4. Q10