An amazing thing was created by Nature and it is vitamin B12. The fact that this vitamin is built around a cobalt atom forming an extremely complex molecule indispensable for many physiological functions is a miracle itself. But I was most impressed by its incredible power!

Only a thousandth of a gram is needed for a man in a year; three millionths of a gram per day. Nevertheless the majority of people suffer from the lack of it.

The human body can not produce it and they can be found only in animal proteins. As it is needed only in very small amounts, there is a strange situation where as millions of vegetarian people live their lives who apparently do not eat meat but they have access to sufficient quantities of vitamin B12. As a matter of fact, grains and vegetables produced without pesticides contain many tiny organisms (bugs and worms sometimes) and due to their consumption (aka we eat them), the body is provided with vitamin B12.

Lack of it effects the nervous system first

Psychiatric disorders, nerve and muscle dysfunctions are the first sympoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. It works together with vitamin C, folic acid and pantothenic in protein and carbohydrate metabolism and supports the process that produces choline which is the building block of the nerves.

Almost every woman between 19-50 has iron deficiency. Iron is a key component of the blood. In case of vitamin B12 deficiency, iron can not build into erythrocytes (red blood cell) and it causes numerious negative impacts on the quality of our lives.

If vitamin B12 deficiency is not complemented in time it can lead to serious psychological disorders. Lots of psychiatric symptoms are in fact from nutrient deficiencies that psychiatry is not really manage to address. As dehydration can cause a permanent disturbance in your attention, vitamin B12 deficiency on long term causes mental disorders - and eventually leads to the death of nerve cells.

How to get vitamin B12?

Many patients have no idea about how easy it is to get rid of psychological disturbances which are caused by the continued absence of vitamin B12. The quality of life dramatically improves after eating just a quarter kg of raw or semi-raw liver or vitamin B12 tablets for a week. Mental fatigue, dejection, anxiety and depressive disorders become less and less present and eventually will disappear permanently.

Since vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms show up only after 3-6 years when the reserves are totally gone from the body, doctors almost never suspect this obvious problem. During a routine blood tests often vitamin B12 level in the blood looks normal while it is dangerously low in body tissues and especially in the liver.

So, its solution should not be a therapy and should not be dealt with when it is a bit too late. The real solution is a general-purpose multivitamin pack which contains abundant amounts of cobalamin for the body on a daily base.

The best choice is a multivitamin package containing not only vitamin B12 but also other 13 important vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to help their absorptions in the form of a daily pack you can dose conveniently.