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14 Oct The role of vitamin E in our body
laszlo 0 236
Vitamin E (or tocopherol) is an antioxidant, fat-soluble vitamin that protects against the harmful effects of free radicals. Especially protects the c..
14 Oct Herbs against toxins: 5 herbs that help you cleanse your body
laszlo 0 33
Toxins can be found almost everywhere, ranging from inhaled air to the meals we eat every day. It is almost impossible to avoid toxins in our environm..
23 Sep Heart-friendly margarine?
laszlo 0 174
Margarine was originally produced as a cheap substitute for butter. In 1869, a French chemist discovered it after III. Napoleon offered a prize for so..
15 Sep Spiritual freshness at old age
laszlo 0 72
The decline in brain activity associated with aging is well-observ ed but not natural. In some "primitive" tribes, there is no declining spiritual fr..
10 Sep Protein pancake without carbohydrate
laszlo 0 136
Two ingredients, one recipe, zero carbohydrates !!!! ... because Pancake is for everyone!Have a diet, bad time, celiac disease, diabetes, paleo-diet m..
10 Sep 4-Ingredient protein brownies
0 106
What if we told you these chocolate brownies are healthy, delicious, and require only four ingredients? Simply combine banana, peanut butter, raw caca..
06 Sep The Key in disease prevention - vitamin D
laszlo 0 189
An article of The Reuters - 23 August 2010, says more than 200 points had been found in human genome where vitamin D has a direct impact on. It took ..
02 Sep 9 Risk Factors For Osteoporosis And Celiac Disease
laszlo 0 137
It has been recognized for several decades that both children and adults with celiac disease have a significantly increased frequency of osteoporosis ..
02 Sep 15 tips against exhaustion
laszlo 0 98
Most people from Western civilization feel tired and stressful without knowing the real cause. We are thinking of nostalgia the everyday life and prob..
01 Sep Salt Deficiency (Hyponatremia) - Common Symptoms
laszlo 0 76
After a hard workout, many of us make the mistake of drinking one gallon of cold water at a time to help our thirst. However, due to high sweating, th..
27 Aug Antibiotics from nature without recipe
laszlo 0 56
Antibiotics slowly become the most commonly prescribed „drugs”.Unfortunately, as a result, the our digestive system is completely destroyed and our na..
27 Aug Recommended daily intake: RDA?
laszlo 0 78
The RDA (Reccommended Dietary Allowance)is the recommended daily dose which shows how much vitamins and minerals we need. In order to not suffer from ..
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