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25 Day program for Diabetes Type 2

The Free 25 Day program for Diabetes Type 2 is writen by Istvan Demecs – naturopath, and this program has started several years ago and over 40.000 people have done it successfuly in Hungary.

Unfortunately it has not been translated to English, until now.

Vitanord is proudly presents the 25 day diabetes program to you, first time available in English.

If you have any question, do not hesitate and send us an email or use the contact page. –

Currently available in English and Hungarian. The translations into other languages are in progress. 

Let's start....

Diabetes can be cured

…in just 25 days, permanently.

This is a program nearly everyone can do step by step with the purpose of the eventual cure of type 2 diabetes in only 3-4 weeks. How can this be? The answer is quite simple:

On Day Zero, you go to your doctor who examines and finds that you have diabetes. On the last day of the program you go to the same doctor who examines you again and finds out that you have no diabetes. I know that this is not a scientific evidence but over the years many people have successfully done it, so it is safe to say that the program is working. Plus, most of the participants reported “side effects” such as weight loss, high blood pressure normalization, decrease joint inflammation and increased energy levels in everyday life.

Please read the following writing, sign up for it and jump into the program, it is completely free. From Day 5, only registered users receive their next steps of the program. Registration takes a minute and gives lots of benefits.

“From 1996 to 2006, the number of diagnosed diabetes increased by 100%, ie, doubling. From 2006 until 2008, there is another 23.8% more diabetic patients.

If this trend continues then this number will multiply by 16 in 40 years.”

The diabetes epidemic is taking place in front of us. In the past 25 years the diabetic patients has tripled in number, and now we find every forth person with diagnosed diabetes or he/she will be before reaching the age of 63.

Although there are plenty of medicines to treat diabetes, none of them are aimed at healing, they only reduce the acute symptoms. While an entire industry has been living on diabetes, the number of new cases are at an unprecedented scale.

There is not a single medical drug on the market that could cure or prevent diabetes.

We are in the midst of a diabetes epidemic. One-fifth of the population is deeply involved in this disease and one-third of the seemingly healthy people are also diseased. They are at some level of the disease called insulin resistance. This is the state prior to diabetes. Although the disease can be cured in just 3-4 weeks with simple lifestyle changes anyone can do.

There is a dogma in the medical community regarding to almost all chronic diseases that goes like this: “with our knowledge, it can not be cured but can be treated quite well.”

This mantra can be found on the Internet regarding to hundreds of different chronic, lifestyle related diseases.

Let’s take a look at the difference between cure and treatment in relation to a disease.

In 90% of the cases the treatment means medication causing the patient to become addicted to one or more drugs and as long as the patient is honestly buying and taking them, he/she does not suffer from the primary disease, only from side effects of the drug which should ideally be less unpleasant than the disease the patient is taking the drug for. In an unfortunate case, the side effects of the drug is worse than the primary disease.

In contrast, curing is nothing more than finding and eliminating the cause of the disease after which the patient recovers spontaneously by the help of the self-healing mechanism of his own. And it is a very significant factor during the program. As a matter of fact, I will not cure you but your own built-in self-healing ability will, which is present in every human being and it only stops functioning permanently shortly before death. It actually resembles a computer. If you give it everything it needs and you do not sprinkle sand in the gears, it works.

Let me give you an example that might better explain my point above. If a person does not drink enough clean water he will be dehydrated, using a technical term. Lets make it simple, an abnormal dehydration starts in him which can cause a number of symptoms both in short and long term. He will be tired on the very first day and will have difficulty to concentrate and become nervous. If he does that to himself for years, his joints will suffer, hormonal issues step up and very often he will have high blood pressure. Not to mention the dry skin and damaged hair. It is the water he is missing but if he goes to a specialist with any of these symptoms, he will be prescribed a drug, depending on what is the right pill on that day to remedy that symptom. But the lack of water is handled by water. It is quite obvious – isnt it? Yes, only for you and me. For a doctor, never.

The most important experience

For diseases caused by lifestyle and malnutrition there is no “treatment”, only eliminating the cause of the disease. A disease developed through mailnutrition is cured by the missing nutrients without any other drug.

What about diabetes?

On 15th December 2005, a very eye-catching study was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. A senior researcher at University of California, Christian K. Roberts and his six colleagues stated in that article that type 2 diabetes can be cured permanently in just three weeks.

It was a terribly scientific work and study but the results are easy to understand. If you feel like, read the whole thing. Freely available via the above link.

The researchers took 31 people, all had diabetes to some degree, and they “treated” them without drugs for 21 days, only by introducing some reasonable diet and excercises. On Day 21, only half of the participants had diabetes then 21 days earlier. It is not only that the blood sugar levels became stabilized but all the measured physical parameters were far better and the cholesterol levels for most of them were in the normal range, so as with body-fat ratio and their body weights showed an average reduction of 3,6 kg.

How did they do it?

During the next 25 days you will read about a little change every day regarding your lifestyles and food. Remember that the diabetes you are suffering from is the result of the lifestyle and eating habits you have been following in the past years. There is no other reason.